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Certified Infant Massage Teacher Training | CIMT™ | Bangkok | THAILAND

The Liddle Kidz Foundation is proud to be returning to Thailand in 2008 to work with Britains Nicola Anderson from 1 Step 2 Step - a Partner of the Grassroots Trust, United Kingdom . Please Keep Bangkok CleanThe Certified Infant Massage Teacher Course (CIMT™) is coming to Bangkok -  the political, social and economic center of Thailand.

This Accredited 3-day professional training, taught by Master Teacher Tina Allen, will be held at Bann Fuang Farr Orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand.   This international educational outreach is offered in association with 1Step2Step, a project of the Grassroots Trust, Britains leading humanitarian aid and child sponsorship Organization,  and the approval of the Thai Government.  Following the teacherThe Liddle Kidz Foundation is proud to  be working with Nicola Anderson from 1 Step 2 Step and the Bann Fuang Farr Children's Orphange in Bangkok, Thailand. Bann Fuang Farr is Thailand's only orphange for children with disabilities. training course, Ms. Allen will volunteer at Bann Fuang Farr Orphanage providing hands-on care and touch therapy for many of the 600 children who live in the orphanage setting.  Through these hands-on practices, Ms. Allen will impart valuable information to the staff and caregivers in the orphanage, so that they may continue this work with the children long after Ms. Allen departs Thailand.

Nicola Anderson, Founder of 1Step2Step, invited Ms. Allen to provide this educational course at Bann Fuang Farr Orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand’s only orphanage for children with special healthcare needs. Nicola is determined to see these children in Thailand get a better deal in life.

Nicola Anderson is a Christian from Lancaster who is determined to see the children with Cerebral Palsy in Thailand get a better deal in life.During her very first year of working within the orphanage, it became clear that many of these children were often limited by their situation and never expected to reach their full potential. In that year, she made such significant impacts, that the children developed leaps and bounds with even the smallest amount of encouragement.  That was when she realized how much more could be done.

Luckily, in some cases, the families of these children do visit them at the orphanage.   It is only that they cannot care for them in their homes, due to the necessary medical care, that they reside in the orphanage.  Through the implementation of nurturing touch and infant massage in this setting, the families will have another way to bond with and care for the children during their visits.

The Liddle Kidz Foundation is proud to have Nicola Anderson  as a partner. Nicola Anderson is determined to see the children with Cerebral Palsy in Thailand get a better deal in life.Bann Fuang Farr Orphanage is home to 600 children with carrying degrees of illness and disability.  The orphanage does have physiotherapists and some teachers with sign and speech and language therapy training, but with 600 children in the whole orphanage, there is just not enough staff to provide input for all the children.

This is why 1Step2Step, had the wish to have physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech and language therapists work alongside the portage workers to help children reach their milestones and make strides to develop their full potential.

1Step2Step seeks to demonstrate that through love, care and therapy, children will develop to their full potential and grow up to be valued Thai citizens with their own individual character and personality.

Now Let's Talk about how the Liddle Kidz Foundation can  make a postive impact on your life!

Finally, an accredited infant massage certification program for professionals, caregivers and those wanting to begin a new career in the wonderful world of infant massage.  The Liddle Kidz® Foundation CertificationPlease Liddle Kidz, teach my Mommy & Daddy Infant Massage course is an intense, fun and effective way to master the core skills of infant massage.

Founded by master teacher and philanthropist Tina Allen, the Liddle Kidz® Foundation offers a new, comprehensive, research based training course and teaches students what they really need to know to become a professional infant massage teacher.

Any experienced infant massage teacher will tell you that there is a world of difference between learning how to massage a baby from a book or DVD, and knowing how to provide the best care to meet a families needs, however, there are few opportunities to learn the skills they really need from a working healthcare professional who has provided infant massage education throughout the world.

As a CIMT, you have the special opportunity to impact an infant and their family for a lifetime.


The Liddle Kidz Foundation Thailand CIMT Training is private course | by invitation only







November & December 2008









1Step2Step | Grassroots Trust | United Kingdom
Bann Fuang Farr Orphanage
Bangkok, Thailand








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Demonstration Doll | 19-21 inch demonstration doll – should have a soft body with hard hands & feet





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Liddle Kidz Foundation (LKF) is a 501c3 nonprofit educational organization and is approved by numerous professional healthcare boards internationally including, but not limited to, the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) Provider #450613-08; American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Provider #6981; and Board of Registered Nursing - State of California, Provider #15018

For more detailed information please visit our Continuing Education Approvals page for State, Provincial, National and International CE Approvals





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